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27th August 1996- New Division Two, Watford 0 Plymouth Argyle 2

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BSAD imageBSAD report: I’ll give the first words to Kate. “F**king shit”, that’s her match report. I think she’s being a bit generous, to be quite honest. This was not just shit, this was shit with bells and knobs and flashing lights and big red cherries on top.

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24th August 1996-New Division Two, Watford 0 Millwall 2

Kenny Jackett’s first programme notes as Watford Manager.

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BSAD imageBSAD report:There are some matches for which you just can’t wait to write a match report – maybe a player’s done so well that you feel the need to tell everyone who wasn’t at the game, maybe there was a fantastic goal that you have to describe, or maybe the team simply won in a confident, competent fashion. You ought to have guessed by now that this is not one of those matches.

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