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15th March 1997-New Division Two, Watford 1 Walsall 0

BSAD imageBSAD report: With Keith Scott back at Norwich and Devon White back at Notts County, we have only Gifton Noel-Williams available to play the conventional centre forward role. And even Gifton’s not really that conventional (plus he’s only seventeen and deserves some time and patience to adapt to senior football). So, after all last season’s finger-pointing over Glenn Roeder’s inability to bring strikers to Watford, we’re back to playing short-arses up front – on this occasion, it was Tommy Mooney and Kevin Phillips.

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8th March 1997- New Division Two, Gillingham 3 Watford 1
Sunday Mirror, 9 Mar 1997

BSAD: On Saturday, it was painfully obvious what we’re missing. Contrast the roles of Gary Penrice and Andy Hessenthaler in the match – the former was completely invisible and made no impact on the course of the game; the latter ran the show in the second half, orchestrating the home side’s attacks and lending a helping hand all over the field. He won the midfield, basically, and dictated the game (we talk about his tackling usually but his distribution was first class). We don’t have anyone who can do that and we end up playing too many matches at the opposition’s pace as a result.

1st March 1997- New Division Two, Watford 3 Bristol City 0

Tremendous. On Saturday, a mere week after playing like a disorganised rabble at Wycombe, we humbled a high-flying Bristol City side, giving our own promotion aspirations a well-needed shot in the arm in the process. 

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