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2nd December 1995- New Division One, Millwall 1 Watford 2

Former Watford commercial manager Mike Sullivan is now working for Millwall (see page 12) and a message from Elton on page 26.

Sunday Mirror, 3 Dec 1995
Sunday Telegraph, 3 Dec 1995

At last we get to see a genuine centre forward in a yellow shirt. It might only be Paul Wilkinson, older and wiser but still always offside, and there’s a temptation to feel disappointed about that, but he played a role in this victory, both as a target man and a decoy for the brilliant Phillips. In truth, it’s just a wonderful relief to know that there will be someone hanging around the six-yard box when we go forward. As long as it doesn’t exclude other possible signings, I’d happily see Wilko return to the Vic on a permanent basis. It took him less than a minute to get caught offside and have a go at the linesman – welcome back, mate!