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24th February 2001- New Division One, Watford 2 Stockport County 2

Promotion-chasing Watford suffered a major setback to their hopes against Stockport County at Vicarage Road.

This, my friends, was woeful.

GT is right to question their attitudes, and is realistic about the need for new players. Good. I’m plain insulted by this lot. In the old days, when we were good we were good. And when we were bad we were bad. But now when we could be good, we’re worse, and that’s just too much to bear.

20th February 2001- New Division One, Watford 0 Blackburn Rovers 1

Before Stuart Attwell came along to take his place at the top of the league table of Villain Refs there was a man called Rob Styles.

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BBC SportBlackburn gained three vital points in their promotion bid at the expense of rivals Watford with referee Rob Styles playing a major part in their success.

Guardian, 21 Feb 2001
Daily Telegraph, 21 Feb 2001
Independent, 21 Feb 2001
Evening Standard, 21 Feb 2001

BSAD imageThis was one of those games, where discussing the football without first discussing the officials is impossible, where the man in black dominates proceedings to such an extent that the other twenty-four participants might as well have stayed at home, where seasons are turned on decisions made by arseholes. Hence, presumably, the fact that we’ve not yet had any comment from Graham Taylor.

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10th February 2001- New Division One, Watford 2 Portsmouth 2

BSAD image …whatever they were trying to create in the second half, we should applaud Watford and Portsmouth. Sure, it was incredibly ugly…but, as I’ve explained, prototypes often are. No, we should encourage their attempts to create a new sport with the rucking and mauling of rugby, the sparse incident of snooker, and trace elements of football. However, we should also request that they don’t trouble us again until it’s been fully tried, tested and perfected.

BSAD imageThis was going to be a fully-interactive role-playing report on the second half of the match, but in all honesty there wasn’t a whole load of interaction so here’s a rundown of the roles the players played.

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3rd February 2001- New Division One, Sheffield Wednesday 2 Watford 3
The Observer, 4 Feb 2001

The game didn’t start as much as detonate, and for the first forty-five minutes we were carried away by a torrent of action. Only two sides playing inventive attacking football and defending like goons can generate excitement like this.

It’s hard to explain: the football dumb, simple, slapstick, shambolic but this is better, for me, than eking out a Coventry existence in the Premiership where only your mistakes make any headlines. My team have got silly weaknesses, but…well…so have I. I quite like it that way.