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8th May 2005- Championship, Watford 1 West Ham United 2

Helguson scored his 20th goal of the season but it was not enough to prevent Watford slipping to an eighth home defeat of the season and sending West Ham into the play-offs.

On the last day of the season, the result itself is more often than not largely irrelevant. The last time that the last game of the regular season might have been remotely important was during the game against Grimsby in 1999. We won and made the play-offs… as it turned out, had we lost we’d have made them anyway. In 1998, famously, Jason Lee’s scuffed shot won us the title, but we were already promoted some time earlier. The last time that the final game of the regular season had a direct bearing upon which division we operated in during the following campaign was 1994, when we’d have needed to have lost by two goals to Palace at Selhurst Park to have been relegated.

9th October 2001-League Cup Third Round, Watford 4 Bradford City 1

The week before this game was played Watford player Paolo Vernazza was stabbed at his home by a burglar as reported here by The Guardian.

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 BSAD report:The word “ravishing” was suggested to describe our fourth goal, and that’ll do nicely.

The 100 Greatest Watford Wins- No.85: It was the glimmers of hope like this that made Gianluca Vialli’s ill-fated season as Watford manager so much harder to take. From the start, the Italian looked poorly suited to the rough and tumble of the second tier. The cashmere sweater and fat tie knot looked out of place in a division that’s always been more suited to hob-nail boots and workman’s overalls.


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1st November 1997-New Division Two, Watford 4 Blackpool 1

BSAD imageBSAD report: Micah Hyde and Richard Johnson ran this game. When that’s allowed to happen, the Hornets become an altogether more effective outfit – the difference is in the quantity of supply to the flanks and the quality of supply to the forwards. It’s obvious that Ronny Rosenthal and Gifton Noel-Williams ought to profit from such circumstances but, perhaps more than anyone, it also brings the best out of Jason Lee.

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