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11th September 2004- Championship, Watford 1 Brighton & Hove Albion 1

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BSAD imageBSAD report: At various points, it was a game that we wanted to win, were winning, and should’ve won. Apart from the second, these states were more theoretical than anything else, however, as we were never good enough to overcome determined and organised opponents: we should be frustrated by our failure to preserve the lead for five more minutes, but that lead would’ve been the result of evading justice and heading out on the highway with our ill-gotten gains. Which would’ve been fun, clearly, and a reward for sitting through such a monotonous, mundane football match. A point is hardly a disastrous alternative, though.

At one o’clock I arrived in Watford, and one could smell the whiff of optimism around the area, predictions that it was three points in the bag for the Hornets due to the fact that Brighton had been labelled “relegation candidates” this year. Almost fifteen thousand tickets had been sold, ensuring the game would have an electric atmosphere. And both sets of fans were in good voice, obviously keyed up for the day’s game.

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11th September 1982-Division One, Watford 3 West Bromwich Albion 0

For the first time ever we were top of the league.  (Strictly speaking we were also top on 31st August 1982 but in those days league tables weren’t published or considered official until after 3 games).

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Division One table after games on 11th September 1982

100 greatest

100 Greatest Watford wins- No.14: For the first and only time in Watford’s history, the club could stand at the very pinnacle of the game and stare down at everyone else below them.

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Taken from the programme on 10th April 1999- New Division One, Watford 2 Bolton Wanderers 0

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