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13th September 1997- New Division Two, Watford 2 Chesterfield 1

BSAD imageBSAD report: Perhaps it’s necessary to point out that any criticism of Watford players or management contained in this match report is mere tedious quibbling which is best ignored. Any Watford fan who hasn’t spent the weekend gazing contentedly at page 325 of CEEFAX or a Sunday paper casually left open at the league tables is clearly the kind of joyless urchin that helps to keep Ocean f***ing Colour b****** Scene out of the dole office.

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24th April 1997- New Division Two, Watford 0 Chesterfield 2

Everyone knows that this was a game we had to win. We still cling on to hopes, of course, but the reality of the situation is that we face two very difficult final matches at a time when our form is woeful. This wasn’t an unlucky defeat – it was a comprehensive defeat, one that involved naive tactics and several clueless performances.