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13th October 2001- New Division One, Watford 3 Sheffield Wednesday 1

BBC Sport

Watford picked up their first win in five league matches at the expense of Sheffield Wednesday at Vicarage Road.

BSAD report: Perhaps it’s a little premature, but there’s a sense that this is the start of something…and it doesn’t necessarily matter if it’s not the start of a period of dazzling success. There are more fundamental things, really. Many have felt isolated and alienated as the new era has jolted into motion, failing to identify with an unfamiliar, anonymous team. As a fan, there’s been little to hold onto. Now, with Gifton Noel-Williams and Tommy Smith returning to stunning form, Micah Hyde running the midfield, Neil Cox back in favour, and the emergence of distinctive, committed figures among the new signings (David Noble, Stephen Glass, and Filippo Galli), it feels a whole lot less like watching a daytime soap opera.

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13th October 1999- League Cup Third Round, Middlesbrough 1 Watford 0

The Guardian, 14 Oct 1999
Daily Telegraph, 14 Oct 1999

BSAD: Throughout all of this, the two-hundred odd travelling support – whom the Middlesbrough tannoy had admirably attempted to individually namecheck before the game – were making a racket worthy enough to be mentioned by Radio 5’s half-time summary. All too much for the Boro stewards, apparently, who moved swiftly to crush the insubordination of a bunch of lads daring to stand up at the very back of the stand. That this provoked more widespread defiance was hardly surprising. The whole incident illustrated that however wide your experience, there’s always scope to be surprised by creatively cack-handed stewarding.