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26th August 2014- League Cup Second Round, Watford 1 Doncaster Rovers 2


BBC SportLeague One Doncaster upset Championship side Watford to secure a place in the third round of the Capital One Cup. Nathan Tyson opened the scoring from the penalty spot against a sluggish Watford, who made a host of changes. The Hornets sparked into life in the 31st minute when Lloyd Dyer scored from a smart flick from Odion Ighalo. But after the break, Doncaster were quickly into their stride and when Liam Wakefield converted on 52 minutes there was no way back for Watford.

skyThe Hornets, who made a host of changes but should still have boasted a team strong enough to advance, paid the price for making a sluggish start in both halves as Rovers scored early in both periods.

BHappy imageAhhhh, the early rounds of the League Cup, eh?  That comfortable familiar dullness, the football season’s equivalent of a Sunday afternoon repeat of Last of the Summer Wine…   yes it’s fist-chewingly tedious but at least you know where you are. 

fran's watford blogDoncaster gave a warning of what was to come in the second minute as Bennett found Tyson on the right whose shot flew just past the far post.  At the other end, Vydra cut inside but his shot was blocked.  Doncaster had another decent chance as Coppinger fired just wide.


17th September 2013- Championship, Watford 2 Doncaster Rovers 1

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BBC SportLewis McGugan converted a penalty with three minutes remaining to earn Watford a dramatic victory over Doncaster.

guardianA late penalty from Lewis McGugan brought Watford a first win in five league matches and sent them surging back into the top six, but the difficulty they had in finding a way past Doncaster offered further proof that last season’s wildly entertaining if ultimately frustrated attempt at promotion will not necessarily segue into a more irresistible upwards surge at their second attempt under Italian ownership.

BHappy imageWhere we continue to fail, rather too obviously, is in making our possession count for anything much. We’re caught between simple ball retention, knocking it around without much purpose, and trying to penetrate opponents who’ve been afforded the time to get themselves in order. Occasionally, we stumble on what might be a way out of the cul-de-sac: here, Gabriele Angella launched a sublime, far-reaching pass to find an advancing Anya, cutting through the banks of four in an instant. But, inevitably, that simply led to repeated attempts at the same thing with diminishing results, and it wasn’t long before Angella’s missiles harked back to Jay Demerit trying to fulfil childhood dreams of being a quarterback in the Boothroyd years.

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