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10th November 2001- New Division One, Watford 1 Stockport County 1

Watford striker Tommy Smith saved team-mate Paul Robinson’s blushes with an 89th minute equaliser. Left-back Paul Robinson inexplicably chested a Glynn Hurst cross into his own net in the 79th minute after getting into a mix-up with goalkeeper Alec Chamberlain. But with one minute of normal time left Marcus Gayle crossed for Smith who flicked home a leveller.

It’d be hard to imagine a more one-sided match. By my reckoning, Stockport managed one shot in the entire ninety minutes – absurdly, bearing in mind the scoreline, it didn’t result in a goal. Oh, there was one other attempt, which hit a defender before it had even crossed the eighteen yard line and ballooned into the stand behind. They created two chances worthy of note, one in either half and both ended by the majestic Neil Cox before the ball could be struck towards goal.


24th February 2001- New Division One, Watford 2 Stockport County 2

Promotion-chasing Watford suffered a major setback to their hopes against Stockport County at Vicarage Road.

This, my friends, was woeful.

GT is right to question their attitudes, and is realistic about the need for new players. Good. I’m plain insulted by this lot. In the old days, when we were good we were good. And when we were bad we were bad. But now when we could be good, we’re worse, and that’s just too much to bear.


23rd September 2000- New Division One, Stockport County 2 Watford 3


BBC Sport: The Hornets were cruising at 2-0 when Mooney needlessly got himself sent off in the 53rd minute.

Daily Telegraph, 25 Sep 2000

BSAD: It’s a great result, obviously, and annoyance at certain aspects of the performance doesn’t change that. They might’ve been tipped for relegation by Mr Rowson and their league position might back that theory up…but Stockport looked much better than that. The home fans who were virtually unanimous in blaming the defeat on the referee really ought to look closer to home – their team did enough to have got something out of the game without the help of the officials. We did enough to help them, too.


12th December 1998- Division One, Watford 4 Stockport County 2




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7th September 1996- New Division Two, Watford 1 Stockport County 0

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BSAD imageBSAD report: The first half was quite monstrously dull, so much so that I was reduced to reading the newspaper confetti underneath my seat. Very very VERY tedious. There was no lack of effort on the part of the players, merely an absence of constructive and incisive passing. In truth, Stockport had rather the better of the play – they never really threatened our goal and Kevin Miller didn’t have a testing save to make but they certainly enjoyed the majority of the possession, particularly at the start of the half.

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