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21st October 1997- New Division Two, Watford 2 Fulham 0

BSAD imageBSAD report:And so Mohammed Al Fayed’s weary band of third-rate commentators comes to town. It’s not too difficult to understand the Fulham fans’ anger at recent events – if seeing Mickey Adams booted out wasn’t bad enough, finding that he’s been replaced by Ray Flamin’ Wilkins must feel like a severe boot in the privates. For the rest of the footballing world, however, the prospect of having to spend slightly less time in the company of Kevin Flippin’ Keegan’s shrill, earnest enthusiasm (once, just once, I’d love to hear him describe a player as ‘crap’) and Wilkins’ dreary witticisms is something of an early Christmas present. One can only hope that there’s a job for Mark Bloody Lawrenson too…

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18th October 1997- New Division Two, Watford 0 Millwall 1

BSAD imageYou win some, you lose some. We won some – the Watford mailing list team achieving a mighty 2-1 victory at Spurs on Saturday morning. And we lost some – the other Watford team blowing a chance to open up a really serious gap at the top of Division Two.
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4th October 1997-New Division Two, Luton Town 0 Watford 4

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Sunday Telegraph, 5 Oct 1997
Sunday Mirror, 5 Oct 1997
Bedfordshire on Sunday, 5 Oct 1997
Daily Telegraph, 6 Oct 1997
Daily Mirror, 6 Oct 1997

BSAD report:It’s having to start to write reports like this which make you long for a word which can reproduce the sound which those present in the Oak Road End at Kenilworth Road made on Saturday 4th October 1997 after Peter Kennedy slammed home our fourth goal.

 BSAD report:In a twinkling of an eye, the past ten years was forgotten, consigned to the history books as meaningless statistics on a page. All of a sudden what mattered was Luton on an October afternoon and a mighty Watford team.

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3rd October 2009-Championship, Watford 0 Cardiff City 4
Obviously the score shown above is incorrect!