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16th January 1999- New Division One, Wolverhampton Wanderers 0 Watford 0
Sunday People, 17 Jan 1999

BSAD: It was a bit of a dour struggle but the finishing from both sides was not the best. We stuck to our guns and managed to smother Wolves in defence, only the slippery and skilful Keane looking as if he could cause us problems.

9th January 1999- New Division One, Watford 0 Portsmouth 0

BSAD imageIf the season’s only previous goalless draw against Barnsley had more merits than the scoreline suggested, then this was your authentic “move along, there’s nothing to see here” stalemate. The least entertaining spectacle of the campaign so far by, ooh,¬†that¬†much and a flashback to what life in the First Division frequently used to be like for the Hornets prior to Graham Taylor’s return.

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2nd January 1999- FA Cup Third Round, Tottenham Hotspur 5 Watford 2

So you stand and wait for kickoff in the vertigo-inducing upper tier of the air-conditioned aircraft hangar that is White Hart Lane. You look down at the Watford players warming up in the middle of an authentic media event – as incongruous as your mates appearing as extras in a Hollywood blockbuster, you half expect to see them waving excitedly to their mums whenever the cameras pass. The video screens play hysterical trailers for that same blockbuster – coming soon to a football ground near you….ANDY SINTON!!! – and the effect is nauseating. You reflect that the Premiership has absolutely no class.