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29th April 2000- Premier League, Watford 2 Manchester United 3

Just the reserves, of course. No Cole, Scholes, Beckham, Keane or Stam, and Yorke sunning himself on the bench until half-time. Nothing to play for, the Championship and relegation issues resolved last week. A stroll in the April sunshine. Except that this is Manchester United, and you’re playing a brandname as much as a football team. A victory means something, regardless of who happens to be representing the multinational plc this week. They’ve made it that way, not us…but it’s still brilliant, still a reminder of what English football will lose when the Champions League makes games like this a thing of the past.

This – for those of you not there, you poor wanderers – was a heart-stopping game, not as visceral and energising as last week’s pulsating kickaround, but liberating in a different way. It was helped no end by the remarkable even-handedness of the referee, something which shouldn’t elicit comment but these days does, and which riled champions who arrogantly, complacently expect special treatment by right. So at least we were in with a shout, playing eleven against eleven. Just like at Anfield all those months ago, we could only beat the guys they put in front of us. Or so we thought for half a blissful hour.

29th April 1978- Division Four, Watford 3 Southport 2

This was Southport’s final game as a Football League club.  They were the last club to be demoted through the re-election process and were replaced by Wigan Athletic.

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100 Greatest Watford Wins- No.43: The game itself was emblematic of the rise Watford were about to enjoy. They were saying goodbye to places that had been all too familiar over the past 20 years. They would no longer have to go to Halifax, Hartlepool or Darlington on a regular basis. And they certainly wouldn’t have to go to Southport. The two clubs were headed in very different directions. While Watford were upwardly mobile, their opponents were about to be voted out of the league.

English Division Four (old) Table »
Aldershot 3-0 Hartlepool United
Barnsley 3-2 Wimbledon
Darlington 1-1 Scunthorpe United
Doncaster Rovers 2-2 Reading
Grimsby Town 2-1 Brentford
Huddersfield Town 2-0 Bournemouth
Newport County 1-2 Southend United
Rochdale 1-3 Torquay United
Swansea City 2-0 Halifax Town
Watford 3-2 Southport
York City 0-3 Northampton Town

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