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21st September 2002-New Division One, Watford 3 Crystal Palace 3

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Guardian report:Routledge, booked in the second minute for a foul, was dismissed by the referee Andy Hall for a second yellow, which meant red – pretty much the colour of Trevor Francis’s face as the Palace manager tried to convey his frustration.

BSAD imageBSAD report:the sheer energy of it all was thrilling, and the honesty and commitment was more than welcome.



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21st September 1994- League Cup Second Round First Leg, Watford 3 Tottenham Hotspur 6

BSAD imageTo set the scene : we’d made an unspectacular start to the season, and had just got beaten 4-2 at home by the old enemy, largely due to the absence of Foster, who was then vital to our defence, and Miller. These two players both missed the first leg. Tottenham, under Ossie Ardiles and Steve Perryman were the then media darlings (Chelsea, beware!) largely due to Klinsmann.

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