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29th December 1998- New Division One, Norwich City 1 Watford 1

The game was changed completely by two crucial substitutions, at least one and arguably both of which only GT would have pulled off. More than a few eyebrows were raised when Mooney appeared on the right side of midfield at the start of the second half, but we shouldn’t have doubted the great man. Fugelstad, the Norwegian left-back, had had a fine first half abetted by a fitful display from the substituted Gudmundsson… but he was in for a nightmare of a 45 minutes. Just as Samuel Jackson or Jim Carrey manipulate every role to their own particular style, so Mooney took to his new position like a raging pit-bull. He announced his arrival by bundling through the hapless Fugelstad on the edge of the area to beat the keeper with a shot which crashed off the upright from a tight angle.

26th December 1998- New Division One, Watford 1 Bristol City 0

BSAD imageBSAD report: There was still one present left under the proverbial Christmas tree. Injury time began with a Watford corner, resulting from that Phillips save. Kennedy touched the ball to Noel-Williams, who shielded it at the corner flag. Doherty, dwarfed by the Watford centre forward, challenged and knocked it out for another corner. Repeat performance, another corner. Repeat performance, another corner. Repeat performance, Doherty man-handling Noel-Williams and conceding a free kick. Repeat performance, another free kick. By now, all tension had evaporated, replaced by riotous laughter as Doherty managed to get himself a yellow card for a combination of dissent and not retreating ten yards. Then, finally, the cherry atop an already ample cake – Thorpe arrived on the scene, gave the referee some abuse and talked his way into a booking. Comic genius. The final whistle followed.

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12th December 1998- Division One, Watford 4 Stockport County 2




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5th December 1998- New Division One, Watford 0 Barnsley 0

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BSAD imageBSAD report:You know what I really hate? Juggling. Bloody rubbish.  Just thought I’d mention it, like. The match? Well, it’s like soap operas, innit. For every Grant versus Tiffany blitzkrieg on Eastenders, there’s an episode of Dot and Ethel, petty squabbling, weak gags and general time-wasting. Watford fans have been able to gorge themselves on entertainment thus far and the first goalless draw, with Dot and Ethel in midfield, was long overdue.
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