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3rd January 2000- Premier League, Derby County 2 Watford 0
Daily Telegraph, 4 Jan 2000
Guardian, 4 Jan 2000

BSAD: During the summer, a Watford-supporting friend and I met a Charlton fan at a football tournament. Mindful of the rollercoaster of excitement, the season of bloodying Premiership noses that was to come we asked how he’d enjoyed the previous term. “Awful” he told us, “I hated every minute of it. Turning up knowing we were going to lose, realising that the game was over as soon as we went behind, that all of these narrow defeats weren’t just bad luck, that we’d have lost them all by one goal if we’d played them a hundred times”. We were incredulous at his lack of bravado. Then. But his words came back to me on the long walk back to the car from Pride Park, and not for the first time. Cold, wet, thoroughly depressed, the funeral procession pace dictated by my brother’s crutches was very appropriate. Just how much more misery does this season have to offer?