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28th April 1998- New Division Two, Watford 2 AFC Bournemouth 1

The game where Steve Palmer wore the number one jersey and started in goal.  He swapped with Alec Chamberlain (who was no.4) after the first few seconds.  In the final fixture away at Fulham Palmer wore the number nine shirt meaning he became the first and only player in Football League history to have worn every number from 1-14 during a season.

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Daily Telegraph, 29 Apr 1998

The atmosphere was tremendous throughout, combining encouragement as the team made strides towards the Championship and celebration of what has already achieved. Graham Taylor was indeed having a party and he laid on some fine entertainment – not least, the hilarious appearance of Steve Palmer in goal at kickoff. Palmer’s bid to wear all fourteen shirt numbers in one season now looks unstoppable – he only needs to don the number nine at Fulham on Saturday – and he seemed to enjoy his new role as much as everyone else, grinning widely as the players lined up to take warm-up shots at him while the fans chanted “dodgy keeper”. Richard Johnson belted the ball into touch immediately, allowing Palmer and Chamberlain to swap back to their more accustomed positions. It’s reassuring to see that Graham Taylor hasn’t lost his sense of fun over the years

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25th April 1998- New Division Two, Watford 0 Grimsby Town 0

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BSAD image BSAD report: If you’re after the match report, you’re going to have to do some scrolling – this is going to be a long introduction….

English Division TwoTable »
Blackpool1-0Bristol Rovers
Brentford2-2Luton Town
Bristol City2-1Walsall
Carlisle United1-2York City
Northampton Town1-0Fulham
Oldham Athletic2-0Southend United
Plymouth Argyle0-1Gillingham
Watford0-0Grimsby Town
Wrexham0-0Preston North End
Wycombe Wanderers1-1Chesterfield
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13th April 1998- New Division Two, Bristol City 1 Watford 1

This draw ensured our promotion back to (new) Division One. It was the fourth time a Watford side managed by Graham Taylor had been promoted.

So this was a great day out…but it wasn’t quite a promotion day. It was a day of broad grins and jubilant songs, not dips in the High Street pond or drunken debauchery.

Guardian, 14 Apr 1998
Daily Telegraph, 14 Apr 1998
Evening Standard, 14 Apr 1998

11th April 1998- New Division Two, Watford 1 Wrexham 0

The infamous GT ‘Deirdre Rachid’ programme notes.

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BSAD imageMy thunder has been stolen.

Over three years, I have tried my very hardest to come up with bizarre and unexpected approaches to writing about twenty-two men and a lump of inflated cow. It hasn’t been easy but I’m deeply proud of some of my more adventurous detours from the point in hand (Exhibit A: “The Accordian Player”).

I have, however, been kidding myself. It has recently become clear that, when it comes to stretching metaphors to absurd lengths and littering otherwise lucid comment with utterly irrelevant drivel, I am just a humble apprentice. Graham Taylor is the master. (Exhibit B: “Deirdre Rachid”.) Lord help us if he ever decides to write his autobiography….

But such piss-taking shouldn’t hide the truth – Graham Taylor, increasingly wayward programme notes and all, has guided Watford Football Club to success yet again. We have so much to thank him for.

This long, long season is set for a joyful finale. To be honest, as someone who didn’t even predict us to make the playoffs, I could be more bothered about the Championship. Barring absolute catastrophe, we’ve achieved our aims. As “Clap Your Hands” have eloquently put it, “The title would be the cherry on the cake…but we want the cake first.”

English Division TwoTable »
Burnley1-0Bristol City
Carlisle United3-1Oldham Athletic
Chesterfield2-1Northampton Town
Gillingham2-1Luton Town
Plymouth Argyle3-1Blackpool
Preston North End1-0Southend United
York City0-1Bournemouth
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