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16th February 1999-New Division One, Watford 1 Huddersfield Town 1

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No excuses.

All the current talk of transfers and new blood and “lack of ambition” is just a smokescreen, nothing more than the standard knee-jerk reaction of football fans. (It ceaselessly amuses me that the demands for spending on new players are never accompanied by sensible names. Sign someone, the supporters seem to cry…even if we’re immediately going to realise that they’re crap, start slagging them off and demand a repeat performance.) It is a smokescreen in two ways: first, it hides the considerable achievements of this squad of players; second, it allows them to get away with performances like this.

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16th February 1980- FA Cup Fifth Round, Wolverhampton Wanderers 0 Watford 3


100 Greatest Watford Wins- No.76: Four days after reaching the League Cup final with a semi-final win over Swindon, Wolves had to face Watford in the FA Cup. The Hornets had narrowly escaped an upset in the previous round, when they trailed non-league Harlow Town then survived a gutsy fightback before scraping through 4-3.

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