Old Watford wouldn’t be much of a website if it wasn’t for the following resources.

BSAD image Blind Stupid and Desperate
During the mid to late 90’s BSAD became as important as reading the Watford Observer to many Hornets.  A match wasn’t complete as an experience until you’d read the thoughts of Ian Grant, Matt Rowson and the others who contributed to the site.  It’s humour, humility and acute observations make it so much better and different from traditional football reports.  It is, in short, brilliant.

BHappy image
The sequel to BSAD which first of all was clearly meant to be a much quicker way for Messers Grant and Rowson to comment on Watford games.  It started out with the wonderful one word match reports and five-a-day away days and then developed into five concise ‘thunks’.   These days individual thunks are often a couple of paragraphs in length and the original five thunks have become seven or eight.  Just as good as its predecessor and still as vital a part of the match experience.
Fran is a familiar face to many Watford fans.  She attends every game and writes a report after each one often telling of her experiences on the way to and from games.  It doesn’t take long before you feel like you know her.

The Hornets Nest
Like Fran’s blog you get a match report from the Hornets Nest as well as bits that have happened to Andy in the build up to the game.

The FTRE team started podcasting in 2010 and are still going strong.  They are now as vital a part of the post match analysis as the Watford Observer and BHappy.

100 greatest
Lionel Birnie’s brilliant website which incorporates a blog, all the games from his wonderful book ‘100 Greatest Watford wins’, the interviews which he used to write ‘Enjoy the Game’ and extra bits about GT’s autobiography.

A wonderful website that sadly seems to have bitten the dust.  This is where a lot of the old league tables came from.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 16.18.01
Another results and league tables site that seems to have disappeared.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 16.15.59
A decent resource for ‘on this day’ league tables.
A site from the Racing Post which is great for ‘on this day’ results although strangely these are never listed in alphabetical order.

The archive contains all the information from the wonderful Trefor Jones books ‘The Watford Football Club Illustrated Who’s Who’ and ‘Watford season by season’ and updates it with new results and players.

The Watford FC official site.  Its been through many different guises since starting in 1997. The image above is how it looked in 2004.

WO image
A vital resource for all Hornets for many years.  The only change is that nowadays probably more of us view it online than in print.  The names of Ollie Phillips and Terry Challis will be as well known to those of a certain age as GT & Luther.

BBC image
The BBC site is probably the best at keeping old match reports.

SKY image
Not quite as good as the BBC for archiving but still keeps quite a lot of old reports.



These two are probably the best newspaper sites at keeping old reports online.

Trefor Jones book detailing every player to have played for Watford from 1881-1996
Published by Ian Allan Printing (1996)

scan-89Trefor Jones record of every Watford match played from 1881-1998
Published by Ian Allen Printing (1998)

Matt Rowson’s book of facts about Watford FC for every day of the year
Published by Pitch Publishing Ltd (2009)

The complete record of Watford’s 1982/83 season when they finished as runners-up in Division One by Geoff Sweet and Graham Burton
Published by Bugle Books (1983)

100 greatest
As mentioned above Lionel Birnie’s book in which Watford never lose.
Published by Peloton Publishing (2011)