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11th August 2009-League Cup First Round, Barnet 0 Watford 2 (After Extra Time)

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Extra-time goals by Mike Williamson and Scott Severin spared Watford’s blushes as they edged past Barnet to reach the second round of the Carling Cup

HornbloggerAs for the game, it was rubbish. The kind of early League Cup tie we’ve specialised in over the last few years where you really hope it doesn’t go to extra time, but know that its inevitable. We have definitely abandoned any trace of the Rodgers passing it around tactic and seem to have gone back to playing Hoofball. Worryingly though Danny Graham isn’t built in quite the same way as Darius so it doesn’t seem to work. I don’t mean this to insult either of them but Graham has more skill than that

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(taken from Watford v Blackpool programme 22nd August 2009)


29th July 2000- Friendly, Barnet 0 Watford 3

Barnet’s usually dependable defence fell victims of the same ploy twice, and trailed 2-0 against Watford at half time in Saturday’s friendly. Following a half-time shake-up, they improved, only to concede a third goal in the last minute.


15th November 1997- FA Cup First Round, Barnet 1 Watford 2

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BSAD imageBSAD report: With all the inevitability of your favourite band playing a stinker on the night you’ve dragged all your friends along with promises of godhead, this was a game drab enough to be edited down to a couple of minutes of highlights towards the end of Match Of The Day. Proof, if it was needed, that there is much work still to be done before we can feel confident about shouting from the rooftops about this Watford side.

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