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5th March 1983- Murphy’s Mob featured on the front cover of Look In magazine.

Murphy’s Mob, an early 1980’s children’s TV series set at a football club, was partly filmed at Vicarage Road.  The series featured a bunch of kids who supported the fictitious Dunmore United.  One of the main sets used was a junior supporters clubhouse which was supposedly inside the stadium.  Whilst this was filmed at a TV studio, Vicarage Road was regularly shown and any match footage used would feature the Hornets.

After a couple of years the manager Mac Murphy moved to United’s cross town rivals who, from the darkest recesses of my memory I think were called Dunmore Town.  This occurred at the same time as filming moved to Derby County’s Baseball Ground.  I assume this was partly done as the programme was made by Central TV and Derby was obviously closer to their studios in Birmingham than Watford.

Disappointingly rather than being true supporters and sticking with the team in yellow, red and black the kids quickly moved on to support Murphy’s new team and Dunmore United were never heard of again.  Scan 9Scan 12Scan 10Scan 11


27th March 1982-Division Two, Watford 3 Bolton Wanderers 0

This was the first time we had ever topped the Second Division. Less than six months later we’d be top of the First.

After the game Graham Taylor commented about the atmosphere at Vicarage Road and said that if a team like Newcastle had been in our position the place would be electric and these comments were picked up by the press. Graham clarified his comments to the Watford Observer during the week saying in particular he’d been upset by some criticism from the home supporters of Steve Terry. He apologised both in his programme notes and on the pitch at the next home game against Crystal Palace.

Sunday People, 28 Mar 1982
Sunday Mirror, 28 Mar 1982
Daily Mirror, 29 Mar 1982

Watford Observer match report

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