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5th February 2005- Championship, Watford 2 Gillingham 0

We will rarely play worse and still win, which is merely proof that it’s impossible to guarantee that your plans will succeed and, therefore, that you might as well at least try to enjoy the process as well as the product. Gillingham made their own luck, as the saying goes, and it turned out all burnt from too long in the oven. Shame. We owe them, naturally, and I’m sure that the club is preparing a DVD of past encounters for anyone who felt even a slight twinge of embarrassment as Chris Eagles flicked the second into the bottom corner in the last minute. They’d have done it to us, so it qualifies as self-defence.

Once upon a time, there was a match that showed everything that was fabulous about Watford Football Club in 2005. The game flowed, the crowd roared, the result was a smile-inducing triumph and the entire squad and fanbase could hold their heads high with pride at what the team had achieved. The end. This, however, was not that match.


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22nd April 1989- Division Two, Watford 2 Leicester City 1

English Division Two (old) Table »
Birmingham City 2-0 Blackburn Rovers  
Brighton and Hove A 0-2 Swindon Town  
Chelsea 1-0 Leeds United  
Hull City 1-1 Oldham Athletic  
Ipswich Town 2-1 West Bromwich Albion  
Manchester City 1-2 Barnsley  
Oxford United 3-1 Bournemouth  
Plymouth Argyle 0-2 Crystal Palace  
Portsmouth 1-2 Bradford City  
Stoke City 0-3 Walsall  
Sunderland 2-1 Shrewsbury Town  
Watford 2-1 Leicester City

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