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28th August 2004- Championship, Watford 3 Plymouth Argyle 1

BSAD imageBSAD report: Ninety minutes is a long time, relatively speaking. (Relative to a shorter time, natch.) It’s quite easy to forget sometimes.  I mean, we all know that football matches can drag unspeakably, sloooowwwwiiiiinnnngggg tiiiiiimmmmmmeeeee until it almost seems to stop entirely. Such occasions are usually accompanied by bitter winter cold, a large entry into the “goals against” column, or the words “Carling Cup”. Oh, and at least four minutes of injury time.

Scan 95Scan 104Taken from the programme on 11th September 2004- Championship, Watford 1 Brighton & Hove Albion 1
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24th August 2004- League Cup First Round, Watford 1 Cambridge United 0

Two forced changes from Saturday’s fabulous win at Leicester saw a first start of the season for Ashley Young, while Jay DeMerit, the recent signing from Northwood and my American girlfriend’s new favourite player, started at centre half. In fact, DeMerit’s unfussy and calm display alongside Coxy was a relative highlight of a mind-numbingly boring first half, while Young failed to shine until the closing stages of the game when he moved to the right-hand side.

I’ll spare you the ramblings of a match report, or anything as in-depth as that, because (to be honest) I don’t really remember much that’s specific. Plus I spent most of the night wondering why I felt like I had motion sickness when the closest I’d been to any sort of water in the past two days was about five miles (up). “Must be the air,” as my Mum said afterwards…bless!

9th March 2010- Championship, Watford 0 Swansea City 1

21st August 2004-Championship, Leicester City 0 Watford 1
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14th August 2004- Championship, Watford 0 Burnley 1

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BSAD imageBSAD report: Interestingly, there’s something of a difference of opinion at Vicarage Road right now. Roles reversed, unusually. Here, the expectations of the management team appear to be rather higher than those of many in the stands…which means me, although I know that I’m not alone in thinking that the lack of depth within the squad will cause us to struggle over the course of a nine month campaign. Judging by the reaction to this defeat, however, there’s a different agenda in the dressing room…which is very welcome indeed, particularly for those who hate to hear excuses about under-performance. I might think that this is all about survival, but that’s not a word that’s passed Ray Lewington’s lips much in recent interviews.

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7th August 2004- Championship, Preston North End 2 Watford 1

The Football League decided to rename their three divisions this season. What was ‘New’ Division One was now called the Championship, Division Two was renamed League One and Division Three became League Two.

BSADIt’s a curious occasion, then. Here we are, eager to analyse and dissect and predict…and willing to base our opinions on something that takes place in conditions that are completely untypical of what will follow over the next nine months. Sitting in the shade of the stand, it’s easy to forget the impact of the weather…until you emerge into the sunlight on your way out at the end, and you’re physically beaten back by a wave of sheer, savage solar energy. Yeah, I know…they’re well-paid professional athletes and everything. But Christ, this would be about physical survival, not about peak performance. Drawing conclusions on the basis of one game would be – and often is – absurd at any time. More so now than ever.