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21st August 1999- Premier League, Watford 1 Bradford City 0

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BSAD imageBSAD report: Familiar ground, then.

In reality, the whole “WE ARE PREMIER LEAGUE!” celebration extended no further than awkward greetings between two people who used to be at the same school but never really had anything in common. Initial pleasantries followed by edgy silences, not a memorable occasion.

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21 August 1979-Football League Division Two, Watford 0 Swansea City 0

Watford MP Tristan Garel-Jones praises the club in the House of Commons and is said to be a keen supporter…

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…However ten years later we sacked him as an Honorary Vice-President for his support of the Football Spectators Bill.  At around the same time an MP, who had recently been sacked as Vice-President of a football club, revealed to Norman Tebbit that the game bored him to tears as reported in this snippet from the Sunday Express which was reprinted in the programme from the 17th October 1989- Division Two, Watford 2 Bournemouth 2

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