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21st September 1996- New Division Two, Watford 0 Peterborough United 0

In his programme notes Kenny Jackett writes ‘I can’t remember a time when we’ve gone so long without drawing a game’. Fate was tempted to a record breaking degree. We naturally drew this game and by the end of the season had drawn 19 league games which remains a club record. This included 9 away draws in a row, a sequence never achieved before or since in either the Football or Premier League.

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BSAD report: This was a goalless draw. I could end the report there, really. I won’t, though, partly because I’m such a dedicated reporter and mainly because I’d have to find something interesting to watch on TV on a Sunday night (Heartbeat? I’d rather boil my own head).

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5th April 1994- New Division One, Peterborough United 3 Watford 4

Peterborough had been in deep trouble all season and, by the time this fixture at London Road came along, it was clear that whichever side lost would go down. Clap Your Hands summed it up simply enough – ‘you HAVE to be there, no excuses’. On the night, it seemed that about half of Watford had travelled to roar on the ‘Orns. Defeat was absolutely unthinkable.

100 Greatest Watford Wins- No.38: The London Road pitch was rutted and hard. Neither team was flush with confidence. It wasn’t an aesthetically pleasing match, it was all about heart and determination. What followed was an incredible see-saw battle that offered the hand of safety to both teams. In the end, it was Watford who grabbed on for dear life.

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