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28th February 1998-Division Two, Watford 3 Bristol Rovers 2

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BSAD report: For the first time in too long, Watford looked like promotion material. Not perfect, not without problems, but infinitely more confident and ambitious. That has less to do with the enforced changes (although I do like Steve Palmer in midfield), than with the return to form of key players – Ronny Rosenthal, Gifton Noel-Williams, Richard Johnson.

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14th August 2004- Championship, Watford 0 Burnley 1

8th February 1998-Division Two, Watford 0 Gillingham 2

Less than 18 months after the article about the Rookery was published it became the official home end because far more than 13,500+ Watford supporters wished to attend. This rise was, of course, because of our promotion to the Premier League.

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