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19th May 1984-FA Cup Final, Everton 2 Watford 0


BSAD imageBSAD report: This isn’t a match report as such. But then, this wasn’t like any other Watford occasion. So here, all rambling and incoherent, are some of my Cup Final memories. Committed to paper before my recollection of them flickers and fades completely.

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WD Sport article- Graham Taylor: ‘I’ve never watched a replay of 1984 FA Cup final with Everton’

Independent Sherwood still haunted by Gray day at Wembley

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Taken from the programme https://oldwatford.com/2009/05/03/3rd-may-2009-championship-watford-3-derby-county-1/


A recollection of the 1984 FA Cup final between Watford and Everton

Recalling the significance of Watford reaching the 1984 FA Cup final

9th March 2010- Championship, Watford 0 Swansea City 1

14th April 1984- FA Cup Semi Final, Plymouth Argyle 0 Watford 1

The People, 15 Apr 1984
Sunday Telegraph, 15 Apr 1984
The Observer, 15 Apr 1984
The Guardian, 16 Apr 1984
Daily Telegraph, 16 Apr 1984
Evening Standard, 16 Apr 1984

BSAD image BSAD: My memories of this great day are few – largely because I was only eleven at the time. Having endured the sixth round victory against Birmingham on Ceefax I was allowed to go to the semi final. When he draw came out we had Derby or Plymouth – the dream ticket.

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10th March 1984-FA Cup Sixth Round, Birmingham City 1 Watford 3

Sunday People, 11 Mar 1984
Sunday Mirror, 11 Mar 1984
The Observer, 11 Mar 1984
Sunday Telegraph, 11 Mar 1984

BSAD image BSAD report: I was refused entry to the Watford end (all-ticket) and so got into the home end. I’d done it before – kept quiet, clapped the save when all around were clapping the shot etc., but that day it was a bit difficult.

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Taken from the ‘Wembley 84’ brochure.  See 19th May 1984-FA Cup Final, Everton 2 Watford 0

10th January 1984-FA Cup Third Round Replay, Watford 4 Luton Town 3 (After Extra Time)


Taken from the Watford Observer’s ‘Watford’s six greatest wins over Luton

The Guardian, 11 Jan 1984
Daily Telegraph, 11 Jan 1984
Evening Standard, 11 Jan 1984