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7th November 2009-Championship, Watford 2 Preston North End 0

BHappy image report:From the first minute where Preston’s defence watched a cross float to the far post with the immobile, distracted air of kids at a firework display it was evident that fun could be had.


15th January 2005- Championship, Watford 3 Crewe Alexandra 1

How often have we heard that same old story? Team goes on cup run, team matches Premiership (not Premier, not a ship) side, team comes down to earth with a painful bump the following weekend. Okay, maybe not that often, but you get the point. Crewe at home, despite our visitors losing Dean Ashton to Norwich, had “potential banana skin” written all over it. Much as everybody’s attention is rightly focused on a certain game against a certain team, the need to build on the last home match (a 1-0 win over Millwall, in case you can’t remember in a post-Anfield blur) with another three points was paramount. The Carling Cup Final would be nice, but a few home league wins in a row will keep the relegation battle wolf well and truly clear of our door.

10th March 2001- New Division One, Watford 4 Norwich City 1

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BSAD imageBSAD report: Wherever you look, smiles as wide as the margin of victory. Which was very wide indeed.

BBC SportWatford fought back from an early setback to end a lean run with only their second victory in seven games, as Norwich crumbled to defeat.

Independent, 11 Mar 2001
Daily Mirror, 12 Mar 2001
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13th September 2005-Championship, Watford 2 Norwich City 1

26th December 1998- New Division One, Watford 1 Bristol City 0

BSAD imageBSAD report: There was still one present left under the proverbial Christmas tree. Injury time began with a Watford corner, resulting from that Phillips save. Kennedy touched the ball to Noel-Williams, who shielded it at the corner flag. Doherty, dwarfed by the Watford centre forward, challenged and knocked it out for another corner. Repeat performance, another corner. Repeat performance, another corner. Repeat performance, Doherty man-handling Noel-Williams and conceding a free kick. Repeat performance, another free kick. By now, all tension had evaporated, replaced by riotous laughter as Doherty managed to get himself a yellow card for a combination of dissent and not retreating ten yards. Then, finally, the cherry atop an already ample cake – Thorpe arrived on the scene, gave the referee some abuse and talked his way into a booking. Comic genius. The final whistle followed.

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