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23rd April 2005- Championship, Watford 0 Sheffield United 0

Watford edged closer to safety in the Championship, after a nil-nil draw at home to Sheffield United.

So, let’s make this quick; in fact, let’s make the next couple of weeks quick, if we can. Let’s get it over with, then forget it all for a couple or three months. Because it deserves to be forgotten about, as much as it deserves to be remembered with a long-lingering bitterness. Amid all of the kerfuffle, there was a fair amount to be praised about this afternoon’s football, and a great deal of spirit evident throughout. We’ll need that spirit, and I’m not merely being churlish when I say that; we’ll need, for instance, the kind of willing, able attitude that saw Dominic Blizzard replace Brynjar Gunnarsson as the teams lined up for kickoff, then turn in a typically willing, able performance in the centre of midfield. That’s what’ll get us somewhere, wherever that might be.


19th March 2005- Championship, Watford 0 Preston North End 2

This was the final game in Ray Lewington’s reign as Watford Manager.

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BBC SportDavid Nugent and Paul McKenna were on target as Preston stayed on course for a place in the Championship play-offs.

guardianFootball is a game with ever-altering ambitions, where the only goals that never change are those at each end of the pitch. When the season started these sides will have shared the same aim but by the time this match ended their immediate desires will have been entirely opposite. One side are dreaming that their form will carry them out of this division while for the other precisely the same possibility forms a nightmare.

BSAD imageThere’s a point, at about quarter to five on an otherwise sunny and bright and cheerful Saturday afternoon, when this becomes almost¬†physically¬†unbearable. While the rest of the country celebrates the arrival of spring, the effort required to maintain the connection between backside and plastic is virtually impossible, and the commitment to doing so utterly inexplicable. Only sheer paralysis causes eyes to remain focused on the pitch, rather than returning to concrete and feet, or being closed in torment or buried behind palms of hands.

An important home match in front of a sell-out crowd before two tricky, long distance away games, Watford had to win this. It was made even more vital by stupidly throwing away a two-nil lead against Leicester on Tuesday night. However, the ninety minutes which we witnessed were very bleak, and gave us little confidence in the now forthcoming relegation fight. A team lacking our star performer of recent weeks in Jay Demerit saw an unconvincing defence line up of Smith, Cox, Doyley and Chambers. Lewington played an unadventurous midfield line-up of Ardley, Mahon, Gunnarsson and Jackson. Webber partnered Helguson up front.

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Taken from the programme on 6th August 2005- Championship, Watford 1 Preston North End 2

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3rd November 2001- New Division One, Watford 3 Barnsley 0

Whatever the reason, and they alone know, WFC have only got into gear in the second half of the last three games they’ve played.

For once, the league table doesn’t lie. Following our ascent into a perfect mid-point in Division One on the back of this victory, we’re exactly where we should be.


12th August 1995- New Division One, Watford 2 Sheffield United 1

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BSAD imageBSAD report:To add to the disconcerting familiarity of it all, we get the dubious honour of opening the campaign against Sheffield United again. Another opportunity to put one over on Dave Bassett, former Watford boss, whose idea of what constitutes entertaining football is not the same as mine (he said tactfully).

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