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29th September 1998- New Division One, Watford 1 Sheffield United 1

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BSAD imageBSAD report: This time last year, we were also drawing 1-1. At home to York City. So, no reason for frowning faces, no reason to dwell for too long on why Sheffield United didn’t become our seventh victims of the season. What we’ve achieved so far isn’t going to be undone by one hideous miss and two dropped points.

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26th September 1998- New Division One, Watford 1 Ipswich Town 0

BSAD imageOn this occasion, facing arguably the most potent forward line in the division, we stared defeat full in the face. Then we kicked it right in the nuts. In other words, we absolutely refused to surrender the points, despite several spells when an Ipswich goal seemed completely inevitable. To quote a cliché, you make your own luck.
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19th September 1998- New Division One, Swindon Town 1 Watford 4

Wins like Saturday’s should be enjoyed for what they are, not what they might lead to. That the three points takes us up to fifth place really doesn’t matter to me; that they were gained by having so much hilarious, brilliant fun means everything. This was an absolute blast.

Swindon Town Fan Site
The programme confusingly printed pictures of the win over Swindon along with Trefor Jones’ comments about our QPR victory on the same page
29th September 1998- New Division One, Watford 1 Sheffield United 1

12th September 1998-New Division One, Watford 2 Queens Park Rangers 1

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 22.52.13BSAD report:One player made me leave Vicarage Road feeling thrilled, rather than merely content. On this evidence, Nick Wright is a potential Vic Road hero.

Sunday Telegraph, 13 Sep 1998
Sunday Mirror, 13 Sep 1998
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Watford Observer Review of the Season