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14th May 2000- Premier League, Watford 1 Coventry City 0

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BSAD imageBSAD report: Like us, Coventry came to enjoy themselves. Their last chance for an away win brought their fans out in force and they contributed fully to a tremendous pre-match atmosphere. Robert Page received his “Player of the Season” trophy to a huge ovation, and both he and Haig Oundjian paid tribute to the supporters who have done the club proud in recent months. Following a earth-shaking, immense “ELTON JOHN’S TAYLOR-MADE ARMY” session, the team emerged from the tunnel into bright May sunshine for its final Premiership appearance….

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Daily Mirror, 15 May 2000

6th May 2000- Premier League, Middlesbrough 1 Watford 1

This was the game where a big ‘We’re out of your league’ relegation party was held by the travelling Hornets supporters.
Sunday Telegraph, 7 May 2000
Guardian, 8 May 2000
Daily Telegraph, 8 May 2000

BSAD: This is our reality. We shouldn’t have to explain or justify it, and we’ve finally stopped trying. Which is perhaps why I was walking through Middlesbrough town centre on Saturday, accompanied by a bunch of freaks in shorts, wigs, hats, face (and beard) paint and t-shirts, playing kazoos and carrying Winnie the Pooh balloons. There were a few sarcastic comments…mostly, though, we were greeted with looks of comical bemusement.

BSAD: Slowly the faces were painted, the kazoos given out (we finally all worked out which end to blow them!), the balloons handed round and the yellow pages torn into tiny shreds of confetti! The police walked in – “Z Cars” on kazoos is a wonderful sound – and offered us an escort to the ground. By this time the pub was resounding to the sound of upwards of two hundred Hornets singing their hearts out with renditions of “EJ’s Taylor-made army”, “GT’s having a party” and a variety of others to numerous to mention here

3rd May 2000- Premier League. Leeds United 3 Watford 1

BBC Sport: Leeds cruised to a comfortable win over relegated Watford to greatly improve their chances of a Champions League place next season.

Daily Telegraph, 4 May 2000
Guardian, 4 May 2000

BSAD: The goal, when it arrived, was gorgeous. Hyde found Perpetuini on the left, who sent a very deep cross to the far post. Helguson leapt impossibly high to cushion the ball down to Foley, whose crisp half volley left Martyn with no chance. Olé, olé olé olé, Foley, Foley. We cared about this one