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28th August 2007- League Cup Second Round, Southend United 2 Watford 0

BBC SportCharlie McDonald grabbed his first goal for Southend and created another as they knocked an under-strength Watford side out of the Carling Cup.

18th August 2007- Championship, Watford 1 Sheffield United 0

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Lee Williamson grabbed his first goal for the club as Watford maintained their 100% start to the season with a narrow victory over Sheffield United.

BHappy imageBHappy report: Six points from these two league games without playing terribly well is a bit of a result.

Another man having a bad day was Alvin Martin. He was reporting on the game for Sky and really could have picked a better spot to stand than directly above the Sheff Utd fans. ‘Stand up if you hate West Ham’ and ‘Cheap suit from Matalan’ were among the chants during his broadcasts. We responded with ‘there’s only one Carlos Tevez’ Full marks earlier on though for the Sheff Utd fans who pretty much to a man all appaluded Don Fraser getting his throughly deserved Barclays Supporter of the Year award.

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11th August 2007- Championship, Wolverhampton Wanderers 1 Watford 2

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BBC SportMarlon King hit a last-gasp penalty to earn Watford victory as the Hornets scored twice in the last four minutes.

Doris, Kabba and Shittu all involved on the first day of the season.  Who’d have thought it?

It really was one of those games where throughout the second half you were really really hoping for an equaliser but you knew that your hoping was completely pointless. We were fairly rubbish in the 2nd half and it was going to be a depressing trip back down the M40. And then the first miracle happened and suddenly we were all smiling. A draw would be a great result. And we were all cheering and urging the team on in a way we hadn’t for the whole of the 2nd half. There was belief in the stand, the whinging had gone to be replaced with encouragement. And then it happened and it was just the best.

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