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24th April 1999- New Division One, Watford 2 Crystal Palace 1

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BSAD imageBSAD report: Five straight wins, and we’re exploring the chance of ultimate possibility for all it’s worth. Everything stems from belief – once we started believing it was possible, it became so. To the extent where the weekend’s other results mean that we just have to win three more games to reach the playoffs.

It’s a lot to ask. Thrillingly, though, we’re rising to the challenge. Whether we go out or not, this is still a blaze of glory.

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24th April 1982- Division Two, Watford 4 Sheffield Wednesday 0

English Division Two (old) Table ยป
Barnsley 1-0 Charlton Athletic
Bolton Wanderers 0-0 Crystal Palace
Cambridge United 1-2 Leicester City
Cardiff City 1-2 Queens Park Rangers
Chelsea 0-2 Derby County
Newcastle United 0-1 Grimsby Town
Norwich City 2-0 Blackburn Rovers
Oldham Athletic 2-1 Wrexham
Rotherham United 2-2 Luton Town
Shrewsbury Town 2-0 Leyton Orient
Watford 4-0 Sheffield Wednesday

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