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28th December 1997- New Division Two, Watford 1 Plymouth Argyle 1

To be honest, I could just copy and paste large chunks of my Wycombe report and save myself some work here. The same arguments apply – the lack of patience shown by Watford fans is deeply disturbing. At times it’s as if cheering the team on or encouraging certain players is seen as an implicit endorsement of the poorer aspects of our performance.

26th December 1997- New Division Two, Wycombe Wanderers 0 Watford 0

Strange business, this top of the table lark. Despite being so far away from Oldham in third place that they’re unlikely to catch us up with the aid of rocket-powered, erm, rockets, Watford fans appear to be on a mission to find something to have a bloody good moan about.

16th December 1997- FA Cup Second Round Replay, Watford 2 Torquay United 1 (After Extra Time)



13th December 1997- New Division Two, Watford 1 Bristol City 1

BSAD image BHappy report: Cracking match, this. Whereas the earlier clash with Millwall, which seemed equally important at the time, proved to be a considerable anti-climax, this was an occasion that was worthy of the hype. Ironically, neither keeper had to make a save (apart from the goals, natch) – but that was only due to some outstanding defending, a reminder that the best sides are often distinguished by their resilience.

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