2nd September 1980-League Cup Second Round Second Leg, Watford 7 (Seven) Southampton 1 (After Extra Time, Watford won 7-5 on aggregate)

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Radio report taken from WFC.Net

Daily Telegraph, 3 Sep 1980
Evening Standard, 3 Sep 1980
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Taken from the programme on 13th September 1980-Division Two, Watford 2 Preston North End 1


WATFORD fans, so satiated with success in recent years, were presented with an incredible football platter on Tuesday night which gagged, choked, numbed and finally consumed them to send everyone home in a delirium of delicious daydreams.

BSAD report: After the fourth went in we all went absolutely apeshit

The club chose to mark the scoreline by releasing a commemorative pen.


This was featured in From The Rookery End’s ‘WFC in 100 objects

 WFC in 100 Objects – #11 7-1 Pen

14th March 2015- Championship, Watford 4 Reading 1
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Taken from the programme on 19th September 2009- Championship, Watford 3 Leicester City 3

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