4th May 1991- Division Two, Oxford United 0 Watford 1

This victory ensured we avoided relegation, something which had looked unlikely from the beginning of September when we slipped into the bottom three. Other than for a brief period over Christmas we remained there until 27th April.

Sunday Telegraph, 5 May 1991

BSAD imageSo onto Oxford and three thousand five hundred fans piled down the M40 for a date with destiny.

Wearing the white away shirts, the Horns scrapped for everything and, with James in goal, one always felt we had a reasonable chance if he didn’t drop a clanger. I remember little of the game until about the sixtieth minute. The Horns won a corner, the cross came in and Paul Wilkinson (surely one of the better strikers to play for the Horns, even if he didn’t know the offside rule) smashed the ball home.

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“It was a great day,” said Wilkinson, now 55. “It was such a relief to get that result as we didn’t have the best of seasons and we were on a slippery slope. But we’d been on a little bit of a run and had a bit of confidence that we could get a result.”

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