18th December 1999- Premier League, Watford 1 Everton 3

BBC SportEverton earned their first win in 10 games to send struggling Watford deeper into relegation trouble at Vicarage Road.

BSAD imageSome dodgy defending. Some very dodgy defending, and another uphill struggle. A goal drought ended by a wonderfully precise strike. A second half revival. A lunatic linesman, responsible for a decisive (and extremely controversial) penalty and a red card. A match that let its fury spread over the touchline and into the stands, until the whole stadium was lunacy and mayhem. Post-mortems to determine what the hell happened.  Hang on, haven’t we been here before?  We’ve been waiting for another Tranmere. Obviously. Those of us who’ve not either given up all hope or lost all desire have been praying for another Tranmere. This was it.  The same ingredients but a different recipe, the same formula with the wrong result.

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