7th April 2001- New Division One, Watford 2 Crystal Palace 2


BSAD image BSAD report: As you’ll know, there’s only one channel worth watching on Saturday morning. It’s ITV, where Ant and Dec’s wonderfully entertaining “SM:TV” manages to be clever, childish and amusing, without slipping into the irritating smugness that spoils the vast majority of yoof TV. That said, anyone who didn’t do a bit of channel-flicking during the cartoons yesterday would’ve missed a classic Graham Taylor moment on the BBC’s (irritatingly smug) “Live & Kicking”….

A football quiz. Two youngsters – one, a fan of Arsenal; the other, a fan of Watford. It being the semi-final of whatever this thing is, there are messages for the contestants. For the Arsenal fan, David Seaman drones his way through a couple of sentences, looking as if someone’s holding a gun to his back. For the Watford fan, GT appears, animated and full of encouragement, with fist clenched and pumping – “Go on, Andrew! You can do it! Go on!”. He gives it some welly, in short.

Why? Because you know that he understands what the message will mean to its recipient. Because it might’ve taken five minutes from his busy schedule…but it’ll be remembered forever by that young lad and, therefore, it should be something that’s worth remembering. Because he’s Graham Taylor. And, more than anything else, you wonder how anyone ever found it in their heart to abuse and be so bloody rude to such a wonderful man.

Inevitably, the Watford fan wins by a country mile. Unfortunately, this isn’t an omen.

English Division OneTable »
Fulham0-0West Bromwich Albion
Gillingham4-3Norwich City
Grimsby Town3-1Tranmere Rovers
Portsmouth0-2Nottingham Forest
Queens Park Rangers1-3Blackburn Rovers
Sheffield United1-2Barnsley
Stockport County2-1Sheffield Wednesday
Watford2-2Crystal Palace
Wimbledon3-1Birmingham City
Wolverhampton Wndrs0-1Huddersfield Town
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