25th July 2006- Friendly, Northwood 1 Watford 3

We take up position at the same spot from which we watched much of the same pre-season exchange almost exactly a year ago. The guy on the tannoy seems to be relaying the team news over a mobile phone from the central reservation of the M25; at any rate, he is precious little help in identifying our heroes, although the names “Albert Jarrett”, “Joseph Desiré Job” and Ross Jenkins (yes, really) are just about clear above the crackle. Much of the half, therefore, is spent pondering the identities of the starting eleven, and trying to match ill-remembered images of our younger recent recruits to the individuals in front of us. Dom Blizzard is quickly identified; as last year at Redditch he comes into the first pre-season game looking an absolute monster, not the gangly individual remembered from competitive action.

8th August 2006- Friendly, Watford 1 Inter Milan 1

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