26th August 2006- Premier League, Watford 1 Manchester United 2


BBC SportRyan Giggs scored the second-half winner for Manchester United as they saw off a spirited Watford challenge.

guardianBoothroyd’s Watford clearly lack the class of the side Graham Taylor took into the old First Division 24 years ago. Taylor’s team were derided for their direct approach yet still managed to finish runners-up to Liverpool that season. The present Watford team look to King to hold the ball up front with Damien Francis giving support from midfield and Ashley Young providing accurate centres from the right.

The wonderful Watford website Blind Stupid and Desperate bowed out with their final match report at this game.

By Ian Grant

So, here it is. It doesn’t seem possible, really, but here it is. Just another day in front of the monitor, another afternoon spent bashing away at the keyboard, while the television burbles inanely behind me and the washing machine rumbles away in the kitchen. Another day, apparently as mundane as all of the others in the same vein…and yet, one that I know I’ll never forget. The last match report. The day in which BSaD enters the past tense. There’s no putting it off, not any more. Wish there was, but I know there isn’t.


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