26th December 2008- Championship, Watford 2 Bristol City 4


Maynard struck from the corner of the six-yard box after 23 seconds and doubled his tally after Scott Loach parried a shot from Ivan Sproule.

Straight from the kick off their intentions were clear. No silly passing it back, or hoofing it out by the opponents corner flag. An instant attack resulted in a throw in. From it, they beat our offside trap and put the ball past Loach for 1-0. They continued the first half in the same manner and scored a second after Bromby failed to clear.

I’m almost glad they scored their fourth.  Almost.  Would have been too cruel to see City protect a one goal lead by jockying around in the corner to the cheers of their fans for five minutes.  After all, it was ten years to the day since Gifton was doing precisely that to them, in the same corner of the pitch…


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