13th August 2011-Championship, Watford 0 Derby County 1

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sky A superb strike from Steve Davies early in the second half was enough to give Derby a 1-0 win at Watford in the Championship on Saturday.

Steve Davies grabbed the only goal as Derby recorded their second successive league win at the expense of Watford. Davies scored his second of the season when he received the ball from Lee Croft 20 yards out and fired his effort into the roof of the net.

BHappy imageBHappy Report: For all the excitement of the season’s first home game, and with it a bunch of new kids to pick on or befriend, it takes about ten minutes for a certain weary familiarity to set in. Derby hang around the division like one of those odd jobs – the wonky cupboard door in the kitchen, the bit of painting in the spare room, the wisteria in need of a trim – that would only take half an hour but that you never quite get around to sorting out. In the latter case, the wisteria growing up the front of our house has got so carried away by the summer’s heady blend of sunshine and rain that anyone standing on our front steps for longer than a minute or two is liable to become so entwined that they may never escape. And that’s your introductory metaphor.

Artistic merit, shots, corners, passes, pretty much anything other than goals scored (and yellow cards) and we won this game handsomely.

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