4th October 2014-Championship, Watford 1 Brighton & Hove Albion 1

scan-70Scan 69Scan 70scan-39scan-40scan-41scan-42Scan 71Scan 72Scan 73Scan 74Scan 75Scan 76scan-43scan-44scan-45scan-46Scan 77Scan 78scan-47scan-48scan-49scan-50scan-51scan-52scan-53Scan 79Scan 80Scan 81Scan 82Scan 83Scan 84Scan 85Scan 86scan-54

BBC image report

SKY image report

BHappy image report:A word for the new Community Stand, part-opened for the first time.  Thank goodness.  Thank the Pozzos.  At long last after so many missed opportunities.  ig might miss the Main Stand, but once you’ve said goodbye to something, you know, you want it to go, you want it to be replaced.


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