4th November 2023- Championship, Huddersfield Town 0 Watford 0


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BBC: The draw – the first between the sides in 17 meetings – means their league positions stay unchanged, with the Terriers 21st and Watford 16th.

Sky: In a game short of clear-cut opportunities, Yaser Asprilla and Matty Pearson came closest for either side, on an otherwise comfortable afternoon for both goalkeepers.

Watford Observer: RECAP: Huddersfield 0 Watford 0

Passing without purpose and loitering without intent

‘At some point we have to do something, we have to shoot’ – Ismael on bore draw

Why was the balance between trying to win and not losing so wrong?

Hoedt accepts Hornets didn’t move the ball quickly enough

BHappy: What follows is, without wishing to be unduly melodramatic, quite possibly the worst game of competitive football that I’ve ever seen (that’s now 1300 Watford games and counting – yes I’m a bit sad, sue me).  Not “worst” in terms of a low level of competence, although heaven knows this was, generously, unremarkable in that regard.  Nor the worst in terms of the overall experience;  we’ve all been at games sat in the rain rather than watching from beneath a roof, harassed by locals or stewards or sat near complete scumbags rather than just vaguely boisterous lads looking for a way to keep themselves entertained. But it terms of entertainment this was completely appalling.

Fran’s Watford Blog: It had been a strange game.  The second half was better than the first, but that isn’t saying much, and the overriding impression was that neither team wanted to lose.  This meant that Huddersfield were happy mostly to sit back and defend.  The Hornets had the vast majority of the play but were very cagey, playing around at the back and shooting from distance when a few more runs at the Huddersfield defence could well have paid dividends.  Watford certainly had the better of the chances, but they were few and far between and the travelling Hornets were not impressed.  At the end of the game Hoedt was the first over to us to give his shirt to a fan.  He was greeted with boos and looked less than impressed at the reception.  Interestingly, King Ken was the last to come over to applaud us and give away his shirt.  He was greeted with cheers.  Maybe the boo boys had left at this point, but I was glad that he got a good reception.